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The aim of The Women in Aviation and Logistics initiative is to to mobilize the industry and drive a concerted and measurable action towards gender equality.

Change Horizon and Meantime Communications support diversity in all its forms, inluding ethnic origin, religion, expertise, social position, personal views, sexual orientations, to name just a few. At the same time, we reject the attitudes and behavior described below – whether by the ambassadors of the inititiative or by people who will eventually be benefiting from the female air cargo experts database and contact them:

  • We do not tolerate hateful activities, performances, or statements.

  • We reject violence in any form – whether verbal or physical.

  • We condemn all forms of harassment, insult, discrimination, and humiliation. This means that we will not tolerate hurtful or derogatory comments regarding gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, origin and ethnicity, language, religious or political beliefs, disability or mental illness.

  • We will not tolerate forms of intimidation, stalking, or unwanted sexual attention.

  • We expressly distance ourselves from inhuman, racist, anti-Semitic, anti-feminist, extreme right-wing or right-wing populist, and anti-democratic behavior.

  • We do not give a stage to people who produce or disseminate fake news or conspiracy stories.

  • We will not give a stage to people who do not observe these basic rules of open, fair, and friendly exchange:

    • We reserve the right to exlude signatories of the Pledge who are in conflict with this Code of Conduct.

    • We reserve the right to remove or report unacceptable contributions on our social media channels.

Anyone who observes unacceptable behavior as described above can inform us by email at We will investigate complaints as quickly as possible and reserve the right to take further steps to delete or block accounts or requests. We also reserve the right to report any unacceptable behavior that is criminally relevant to the appropriate authorities.

Our Code of Conduct is inspired by the Code of Conduct of the

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