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Event Open

We are launching the yearly Open Challenge as a fun and positive way to improve the ratio of female speakers at aviation and logistics events year on year until we reach gender parity.

Making a
great impact…

Air cargo industry events are a great opportunity for men and women professionals to network, build authority and get profiled. In this sense companies organising trade shows, conferences, online meetings and seminars play an important role in facilitating this. Although it is not always easy to build gender diverse event programs, the key is to start, even if the first steps are small. The potential of finding great female experts is there. Our goal is to support industry event organisers with a solution – a comprehensive database of experienced, inspiring and authoritative female professionals in aviation & logistics.

Every small improvement in gender diversity at air cargo events counts and taking up the challenge to commit to making this first step is easy. Let’s work together and define these next steps! 

We invite all industry event organisers of all sizes and business models – private businesses, media companies and international organisations – to take up the challenge to improve the representation of women speakers at their 2021 events.

…in just
5 easy steps

Step 1: 📢 Publicly accept the challenge and commit to gender balance improvement at your events (feel free to use our templates and communication materials (pdf)). Don’t forget to inform the partners you work with to organize your events!

Step 2: 🔔 Reach out and tell us what you commit to (based on your past events’ gender balance KPIs as we push for improvement: don’t be afraid to be ambitious!)

Step 3: 💥 Build your inspiring 2021 event programs with a diverse line-up of speakers. You will soon be able to use the free Female Experts Database we are buidling (while we are building it, contact us as we already have great female experts identified)

Step 4: 📈 Record and publish your 2021 events’ KPIs: gender balance of your attendees (for onsite events only) and speakers 

Step 5: 👏🎉🏆 Be proud of your success, celebrate and set the next benchmark for 2022! 

Need additional help?

Sustainability, diversity and inclusion being at the core of our values, Change Horizon and Meantime Communications are joining forces to launch the Women in Aviation and Logistics Pledge to mobilise the industry and drive a concerted and measurable action towards gender equality. 

We believe there is a role for everyone within the aviation & logistics sectors to enact positive change for equality and we call all industry associations, companies, academia, and individuals to join us in leading the change by signing up to the Women in Aviation and Logistics Pledge.

Sustainable business strategy

Improving gender balance at industry events would be an important step towards a more sustainable air cargo industry. With our expertise and experience in air cargo sustainability domain, we can help event organisers integrate their events into overall sustainability strategy and organisations embed sustainability in their overall corporate priorities.

Reach out to the Change Horizon Team if you need help with your sustainability strategy.

Communication and brand building

Sustainability is a major modern business differentiator with a potential to boost brand reputation and visibility. With our expertise in PR, communications and branding, we can help event organisers leverage gender balance progress by providing a sustainability-driven communication and branding strategy.

Reach out to the Meantime Communications Team if you need help with your communication and brand strategy.

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