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Sarah Nash

UK Country Manager

AIA Cargo




My journey in airfreight started after I left school and went to Freight Train and embarked on there training programme, after completing this I was lucky to get one of the only airline jobs they had at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. I started there in 1997 in the reservations department, my career with them spanned 8 years and in that time I also got involved in the sales side of things so visiting clients out in the field.

Then in 2005 I got headhunted by a GSA then known as ANA Cargo, in the role I took on a full time sales position with the team. Then in 2011 I was fortunate to be in another position that I was approached by a competitor to take on a Sales Manager role with, at this point I had both GSA’s with new offers on the table.

I decided that a change was good and came to AIA Cargo where 11 years later I am still here and am UK Country Manager looking after the teams we have and driving us as a GSA in the market.

In my 24 years it has been for the majority a very male dominated industry, I am seeing a change though and I myself not consciously doing so have found that my teams are mainly made up of women. I always looked for women in the industry to look up to, these have mainly retired now so if I can be of help in mentoring then I’m willing to assist.

Years of Experience

More than 15 years


Sales & commercial, Pricing & revenue optimisation, Learning & development, Cargo operations, Special cargo, Dangerous goods, Perishables, Pharmaceuticals, Live animals, e-Commerce, Airmail, Oversized cargo



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