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The WAL mentorship is a light scheme across the industry and beyond the limits of a specific company offering participants a different perspective in career development and opportunities to be exposed to different practices and culture.


We are looking for WAL mentors with different levels of seniority, and different backgrounds and experience, who have knowledge and wisdom to pass on, a genuine interest in diversity and inclusion, and a strong commitment to gender equality in the workplace.

Role of
the WAL team

The WAL team will promote the initiative to recruit mentors and mentees, provide the framework and guidelines, help with the matchmaking process to pair mentors and mentees, organise a kick-off webinar and a feedback session.

The matchmaking process will be based on the profiles and objectives of mentees and mentors. The WAL team will try its best to assign a mentor with experience, knowledge, or wisdom of value to the mentee.

The structure of the mentoring relationship, the objectives, lengths, set-up will depend on each of the mentors and mentees and each situation will be different.

From time to time, WAL will be promoting the mentoring scheme through media channels, to encourage participation, share best practices, highlight benefits of such learning and development practices. If you would like to be part of that messaging, please let us know.

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