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Change Horizon and Meantime Communications are calling on businesses, trade associations and individual professionals to sign the Women in Aviation and Logistics Pledge.

The Pledge will serve as a vehicle to mobilise the industry, advocate for change and define concrete targets and an action plan to achieve gender equality in air cargo.

Gender equality

The business case for gender diversity is clear: companies with a balanced women representation in senior management positions are more competitive, innovative, and profitable. According to International Labour Organization (ILO)[1], companies with equal employment opportunity policies and gender-inclusive cultures are 60% more likely to experience enhanced reputation, greater creativity and innovation, and profit increase. At the same time, increasing the representation of women at the senior level and in leadership teams helps businesses be more sustainable, as they tend to give higher priority to environmental and social issues[2].

In the aviation & logistics sectors and within the air cargo industry in particular, we still have very few women at the top, in the boardrooms, speaking at conferences and online events, and even attending these events. 

Visibility is key for role models in the public space and the workplace, and women’s distinct and expert voices must be elevated through gender parity. Diverse points of view generate sustainable, innovative solutions, and lead to a change in culture; while visible role models contribute to attract and retain the best talents. 

[1] ‘The business case for change’ report published in 2019 by the International Labour Organization (ILO), covering 13,000 firms 

[2] ‘Better business, better world’ report published in 2017 by the Business & Sustainable Development Commission

Choose to challenge
and commit to change

Sustainability, diversity and inclusion being at the core of our values, Change Horizon and Meantime Communications are joining forces to launch the Women in Aviation and Logistics Pledge to mobilise the industry and drive a concerted and measurable action towards gender equality. 

We believe there is a role for everyone within the aviation & logistics sectors to enact positive change for equality and we call all industry associations, companies, academia, and individuals to join us in leading the change by signing up to the Women in Aviation and Logistics Pledge.

By signing up to the pledge today, you are committing to: 

  • Join the conversation and work together with the other signatories to define the industry targets and action plan needed to achieve gender equality in aviation & logistics sectors
  • Act as an advocate for change within the aviation & logistics sectors

  • Make a difference for gender equality and broader diversity within your industry and organisation

Specifically, Change Horizon’s team is volunteering to build a searchable and free database of women speakers in aviation and logistics sectors to help event organizers to organize more diverse panels. Meantime Communications commits to being part of the push to make it happen with communication and awareness raising activities.

We call for all businesses, trade associations, academia, and individual professionals in air cargo to join the conversation and the initiative to:

  • Celebrate women’s achievements and increase women’s visibility within the aviation & logistics sectors

  • Set-up forums at global, local and company levels to share facts, best practices, and ideas for all to use and implement

  • Mobilize the aviation & logistics sectors on gender equality: collecting facts, raising awareness on current gaps, opening healthy debates, and choosing to challenge the status quo

  • Promote gender balance at all levels across the aviation & logistics sectors and tackle the gender pay gap and other inequalities that still affect all women in the industry today

  • Achieve gender equality in senior ranks of the industry and amongst those with a leadership role and make drastic progress towards broader diversity & inclusion metrics across the aviation & logistics sectors

Pledged signatories


  • Aero Africa
  • AirBridgeCargo Airlines LLC
  • AirCargoGroup
  • Airline Services International Inc.
  • Asiatic Enterprises, LLC
  • BeOn IoT
  • Cargo Connect Magazine
  • CargoAi
  • Cargo iQ

  • Change Horizon

  • Cool Chain Association
  • Coyne Airways
  • Dawnjet Express

  • FlyFresh
  • Freightos Group (Freightos + WebCargo)
  • Kerry Logistics Network

  • Hospitio Consulting & Services
  • In Time Worldwide Express Ltd
  • Lenovo
  • Maritime Standard Ltd.
  • Meantime Communications
  • Multimodal
  • Nallian
  • Neutral Air Partner
  • Ocean Wide Logistics Uk Ltd
  • Pharma.Aero
  • Rocket Recruit Ltd
  • Simple Flying

  • The Flying Pharmacist Ltd
  • The Loadstar
  • Volga-Dnepr Group

  • WePlan Software


  • Emma Murray, CEO & Founder, Meantime Communications

  • Stephanie Kardos, Regional Manager Cargo Product Sales, Qatar Airways Cargo

  • Michael King, Podcast Editor, The Loadstar

  • Megha Palkar, Assistant Manager, Cargo iQ
  • Shailja Jain, Senior Commercial Manager

  • Rebekah Summers, Foreign Lawyer, HKLW

  • Annie Marie Taddeo, Freight Dog, Keep ‘Em Flying, LLC
  • Aliyah Bey, Authorized Representative

  • Elisha Lam, Senior Business Solution Project Lead, Global Logistics System (HK) Co., LTD

  • Lyssa Johnson, Training Development Manager
  • Simone Almeida, Project Management Specialist, Boeing Defence Australia
  • Adrienne Gibbs, Lead Urban Mobility, World Economic Forum

  • Bonthoux Claudine, Chairman & CEO, France Cargo Handling

  • Ekaterina Andreeva, Commercial Director, Volga-Dnepr UK Ltd

  • Roksana Podgorna, Director, Air Logistics Tender Pricing – North America, Kuehne + Nagel

  • Tessa Pallasch, Logistics Coordinator

  • Brittany Young, AME, Sunwing Airlines Inc.

  • Winifred Brown Boateng, Contact staff, Ghana Civil Aviation Authority
  • Patricia Chelaru, Regional Account Manager

  • Patricia Katrina V. Fernandez, MOL Logistics
  • Julia Kuzeljevich, Director, Policy and Communications, CIFFA
  • Brigitte Gledhill, Chief Correspondent, CargoForwarder Global
  • Dorothy Hung, Marketing Manager, TAM Group Limited

  • Philippa Haamann, Head of Sales, Key Account Management and Marketing, Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services

  • Winifred Brown Boateng, Procurement and Logistics Assistant, Ghana Civil Aviation Authority

  • Elena Boykova, Marketing Communications Specialist, Volga-Dnepr Group

  • Yasmin Turner, Features Editor, Air Cargo Week

  • Alice Mukamuhire, ACS Claims & Risk Specialist, DHL Aviation

  • Hilary Blackburn, Director, Informed Risk Solutions
  • Rachael van Harmelen, Director of Business Development, Fashion & Retail, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics
  • Stephanie Pöhn-Helbig, MBA, Senior Manager OPS Planning, Discover

  • Yulia Celetaria, Global Healthcare Director, Volga Dnepr Group, AirBridgeCargo Airlines 

  • Caroline Pappas, Director of Sales North & South America, AirBridgeCargo Airlines

  • Lori Henderson, Sales Manager, AirBridgeCargo

  • Joanna Li, Executive Director – Commercial & Business Development, Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited

  • Emma Taylor, Head of Technology Strategy, Architecture & Integration, Virgin Australia

  • Andrea Tang, International Trade Lawyer, FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations

  • Julia Kuzeljevich, Director, Policy and Communications, CIFFA
  • Debi Carpenter, Head of Marketing and Communications, Natilus

Sign the pledge

Sign this pledge as an individual or on behalf of your company:

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